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Creators of new classics

We are boatbuilders, located in Buenos Aires, where yacht and shipbuilding innovation meets classic design. We build custom and production boats and do restorations. 

While M|BOATS is a new company, the experience of the individuals within the team creates an ideal environment for the launch of new projects, production boats and restoration of a high pedigree classics.

Their mission in forming M|BOATS was to create a facility to satisfy the increasing demand for custom, semi-custom and high quality production boats between 30′ and 90′ in an efficient and competitive manner.

Javier Mendez - Director

Javier Mendez

Managing Director
Julian Mendez - Director

Julian Mendez

Lucas Dittrich - Director

Lucas Dittrich

Our Mission

State of the art boats

With its long history of high-quality boat building, Argentina offers low labor rates combined with an excellent knowledge base. 

The team that came together to form M|BOATS took part in the success of King Marine (Compania de Barcos), formed four years ago. Since then, we've built more than forty hi-tech boats, including One 73′Cruiser/Racer, two IMS 600s, two 62′ Cruiser/Racers, Two superyacht tenders, two IMS 500s, one TP 52, five GP 42s, one IRC 66′, and one Dixon 73′.

Their combined backgrounds in naval and mechanical engineering, project management, after-sales service, technical services, and business administration, in conjunction with their established relationships with international designers and project managers over the years, were vital in encouraging the group to found M|BOATS.

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