Santiago Lange and P&F Yacht Design were inspired to do this project on '30 cruises, thankfully still exist, and where prevailing aesthetics and enjoy outer space.

Large and comfortable cockpit, and an open inside with comfort for a family of four. The two cruise ships are equipped with Hybrid Steyr engines, combining diesel and electric pack, reaching more than 6 knots at total silence. It also has a new system of anchoring, to allow the entire anchor seat inside the vessel.

Cruising speed of 18 knots, and the security of having two engines in one ( electric and diesel ). The hull lines will reach planing at 15 knots, so navigate this boat will be a pleasure.

  • LOA: 12,72 mts
  • BEAM MAX: 3,34 mts
  • Draft: 0,80 mts
  • Displacement: 8.000 kg
  • Design: Santiago Lange